Managing Multiethnic Cities in South Eastern Europe
Case-based Solutions for Practitioners

"This book maps out major initiatives in South Eastern Europe that were launched in response to the region’s turbulence. It is a logical step following our cooperation with partners in comparable contexts in Central Asia, who have struggled with similar issues related to administrative reform, new national borders, resource management, and the accomodation of heterogenous populations. Through several cases, the book offers contextual background as well as detailed information on specific activities undertaken to deal with such issues. The authors draw from their own experiences, elucidating conflict situations and the tools they have used to mitigate these situations."
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 Good practice examples of local self government’s work with its citizens

Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe - PHILIA has launched a contest of good practices for its members, both local governments and non-governmental organizations. The theme of the contest for local governments is “Good practice examples of local self government’s work with its citizens“. We expect examples of the good practice in different fields of work of local government with its citizens; from economy and good governance, to protection of cultural heritage, health services, minority rights, etc...
Text of the contest - local governments
Text of the contest - NGO
Example of good practice form
    The book titled Principles of European Regionalism, published by Philia, has been recently promoted. Its editor is Mr Jovan Komšić, with Mrs Nadja Skenderovic Cuk and Mijat Damjanovic as reviewers and Radomir Šovljanski as the associate. In addition to the introductory study on the principles of European regionalism, the book also contains the presentation of the most relevant European documents concerning regionalisation, development of transfrontier cooperation between local and regional authorities, expert analyses of regionalisation in the EU and transition countries, along with the current issues related to the autonomy of Vojvodina. The publishing of the book was supported by the Assembly of AP Vojvodina and the LGI OSI.

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Supported financially by Balkan Trust for Democracy and implemented by PHILIA Association of Multiethnic Cities in collaboration with FPDL, Partners Foundation for Local Development. Apply now >>
Deadline for application: July 16, 2007 / Deadline for selection: July 30, 2007
  Reform of Government and Cooperation among Capitals in Southeast Europe
Conference held from 17-18 April 2007 in Belgrade. The Conference was organized by the Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe PHILIA in cooperation with the City of Belgrade.
  The Founding Session of the Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe, Zagreb, Croatia; 6th July, 2005. Financed by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
  "This initiative confirms that the 'dark page' of the region's recent past has been turned for good" – Maurizio Massari, Chief of the OSCE Mission to Serbia and Montenegro
  Within the 6 Core Objectives for 2006, the Stability Pact for SEE included Local Democracy and Cross-Border Cooperation as a second priority. Within this objective Stability Pact fully support implementation of Philia’s program.
At the invitation of the Stability Pact for SEE, Philia has been asked to participate in the Local Democracy and Cross Border Cooperation (LODE/CBC) Task Force of Working Table 1.
    LGI MMCP Training, 26th – 28th of February 2007., Novi Sad, Serbia
Association PHILIA and Center for Regionalism is organizing three day training which will be designed and delivered by LGI OSI from Budapest. Training will target policy makers, policy advisors and officials from Serbian Municipalities of Senta, Sombor and Zrenjanin. Training is a part of the Local Policies in Multiethnic Communities project, jointly implement by Center for Regionalism and Fund for an Open Society. Training will take place on Mt. Fruska Gora.

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