Good practice examples of local self government’s work with its citizens

Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe - PHILIA has launched a contest of good practices for its members, both local governments and non-governmental organizations. The theme of the contest for local governments is “Good practice examples of local self government’s work with its citizens“. We expect examples of the good practice in different fields of work of local government with its citizens; from economy and good governance, to protection of cultural heritage, health services, minority rights, etc. For non-governmental organizations, the theme of the contest is “Good practice examples of cooperation between the civil sector and local self government“

The examples of good practice will be presented on the occasion of the next annual assembly of the Association PHILIA, which is to take place late this year. Based on received descriptions of good practice examples, the jury will make a decision to select the most successful examples for PHILIA's publication issue. Also, most innovative ideas that contribute to stronger cooperation of civil society organizations and local self governments will be presented on other public meetings organized by PHILIA or attended by PHILIA in the region.

Deadline for sending your examples of good practices is November 15th 2008. For more information contact us on +381 21 520336 or by e-mail on

Text of the contest - local governments
Text of the contest - NGO
Example of good practice form

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